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The NJFPA Stradley Ronon Food Forum

This series will focus on stories about the people changing the face of the food processing in the Garden State through innovation, hard work and lending a caring hand. The NJFPA will endeavor to tell the stories that might now get attention in other mainstream channels.

If this series inspires and provides actionable ideas, it will achieve its aims.

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Aug 20, 2021

Welcome to the tenth and final episode of Season 1 of the NJFPA Stradley Ronon Food Forum Podcast. In this episode, Todd Von Deak, Assistant Executive Director of NJFPA, speaks with Haskell Noah, Founder & President of Yo’s FroYo Bites. They talk about social media, family business and breaking into the food processing industry from the outside.

Guest Bio:

Yo’s FroYo Bites was born from 10 years of non-stop R&D at Haskell Noah’s home food lab in Queens, New York. A true family business,Yo’s FroYo Bites was named after his son Yosef. Haskell is a passionate supporter of apprenticeship pathways to success and the use of social media to connect directly with consumers. You can find him most often on Instagram at @yosfroyobites.

Sustainability issues have always been a priority for Yo’s FroYo Bites. Their food supply chain was developed from the ground up with a top priority of eliminating supply waste from production line to retail and on through consumer consumption. Their goal is to be completely vertically integrated by 2035.

Listeners will hear: 

  • What the food processing industry looks like through a fresh new entrepreneur's eyes.
  • How the food processing industry and family businesses can be especially suited for apprenticeship pathways to success.
  • How social media gives entrepreneurs brand building opportunities that never existed before. 
  • How to bring your authentic self to your brand and build community around it.
  • Haskell’s experience working with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center.
  • On the value of trade shows and trade magazines to new entrepreneurs.
  • What Haskell loves about working from home in a family business, and advice he would give for making it work.

Download the Edited Interview Transcript