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The NJFPA Stradley Ronon Food Forum

This series will focus on stories about the people changing the face of the food processing in the Garden State through innovation, hard work and lending a caring hand. The NJFPA will endeavor to tell the stories that might now get attention in other mainstream channels.

If this series inspires and provides actionable ideas, it will achieve its aims.

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Mar 10, 2022

Welcome to the seventh episode of Season 2 of the NJFPA Stradley Ronon Food Forum Podcast. In this episode, Nicole Stover, Employment Lawyer and Partner at Stradley Ronon, speaks with Melissa Eckstein, District Career Facilitator, Gateway 2 Careers. They talk about relationship building for workforce development, innovative partnerships, and inspiring success stories. 

Guest Bio:

Melissa is passionate about developing symbiotic relationships between education and workforce.  Having cultivated partnerships with 150 businesses and counting, she has created career opportunities for students, as well as workforce development prospects for companies.

Melissa proudly serves as Vice-Chair for Mid Atlantic States Career & Education Center, Gloucester County Workforce Development Board, and on the NJFPA Education Committee. 

Listeners will hear: 

  • The Gateway 2 Careers approach to career planning across 7th to 12th grades.
  • What false stereotypes about workforce issues could be holding your company back.
  • What key partner you need to find new talent and how to rethink your job postings.
  • Strategies for long term talent retention and growth.
  • Success stories from her students and companies doing it right.
  • Shift your mindset to selling your company to gain a workforce.

Download the Edited Interview Transcript